The Return of the Shopping Cart

How often do you go to the grocery store and see shopping carts strewn about the parking lot in all sorts of unusual places? We don’t often think about the consequences of something as simple as failing to return a shopping cart. However, what if our decision to return, or not return, the shopping cart speaks to deeper sentiments we hold within our hearts?

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Faith in the Storm

Florida is facing the strongest storm ever recorded over the Atlantic Ocean. Hurricane Irma has already devastated the small island of Barbuda and wreaked havoc on several other islands. Now, this monster is headed right toward us. Hundreds of thousands are evacuating. Others are looking for shelter locally. Many of us in Florida are taking careful steps to ensure our homes survive. How can we, as people of faith, endure the terrible storm around us? What hope can we cling to when everything we own is threatened by circumstances beyond our control?

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Moving Past the Church’s Racial Apathy

With the mounting racial tensions in today’s social, political, and religious climates, the Church needs to function as a facilitator for reconciliation. Unfortunately, Christians have tended to approach the issue of reconciliation with apathy in recent years. How can we as Christians overcome these sentiments and ignite change both within and without the Church? Furthermore, why are churches especially equipped to serve as agents of reconciliation within our society?

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