The Honest Side of Ministry

Let’s face it. Social media is the language of our generation. Within the last decade, technological advancements have exploded to provide us all with the capacity to present the highlights of our lives, and access to the highlights of other people’s lives. The selective information we take in deeply affects the way we perceive not only ourselves and other people, but especially our perceptions of ministry. How can we maintain a healthy understanding of ministry in light of its glorified presentation in social media today?

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Humble Church: Understanding the Church in Light of the Ascension

As the present church, this question is of upmost importance for us; how do we live out Christ’s ascension? The humility we see centering Christ’s ascension reveals that His crucifixion was an act of love, because even though Jesus knew that He was fully God, He intentionally rejected His own glory to serve humankind by becoming human. It is through this narrative of the ascension that we can get a clearer picture of what it means to be the church.

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